Welcome to Ardagh Consultants Limited

In todays challenging business environment, it is now more vital than ever that firms have access to the best advice available in relation to all aspects of their businesses.  Ardagh Consultants offers the opportunity to avail of such advice.

In addition to offering advice on financial, accounting and legal issues, we also provide advice and assistance with marketing & promotion, quality systems management and human resource management. Furthermore, while Ardagh Consultants can make all of these services available as part of any project, we can also tailor our services specifically to the needs of the client, even if it relates to only one of our areas of expertise.

At Ardagh Consultants our focus is on helping firms find solutions to the types of problems that can present a challenge to establishing a strong, profitable business.  Our ultimate goal and mission is therefore:

....... to be market leaders in providing a comprehensive support network for businesses and entrepreneurs in Ireland by offering expert advice and assistance in a challenging economic environment ......

At Ardagh Consultants we believe that we offer a range of services that can identify solutions to everyday business related problems, whilst also playing a pivotal role in ensuring the successful establishment and growth of any business.