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Corporate Law & Human Resources

An essential part of any business is ensuring it operates within the legal and regulatory framework set out by those charged with governing the business environment. Having access to expert legal advice is essential not only in running and protecting a successful business but also in warding off thethreats to a business’ competitiveness. In an era of increasing litigation, thecomplexities of contract law, commercial law, business sales & restructuringare becoming more of a burden. At Ardagh Consultants we provide acomprehensive Corporate Law Service covering all of these areas, as well as the area of commercial lending and security.

Our legal experts can also provide assistance with all matters relating to Human Resourcesincluding Employment Contracts, Redundancy, Dismissals and Labour Court cases. Our experience in these fields will provide comfort and reassurance that your business is not exposed to potentially damaging cases and awards whilst ensuring that key personnel are locked into your future business strategies.

We can also provide expert advice on Shareholders and Partnership Agreements as well as looking at the legal implications of succession and retiral plans. We follow the wise words which said, “don’t litigate, negotiate”. We aim to provide constructive and straightforward legal advice, which includes:-

  • Corporate law advice on supply and purchase contracts
  • Legal security analysis and advice
  • Employment law and contracts
  • Dispute resolution by negotiation
  • Corporate litigationservices
  • Legal structures and frameworks