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Corporate Recovery & Re-structuring

The line between success and failure can be a very fine one. It is a fact of life that business may run into trading or financial difficulties, particularly in an unstable economic environment. Business today is susceptible to so many outside influences such as change in financial markets, fall in demand, change in regulatory environment, increase in competition etc.

It has often been levied as a criticism of professional service providers thatbusiness cannot obtain practical support and advice in their hour of Paul Russellneed. However we aim to provide that essential assistance and guidance by working with clients and their business partners such as Financial Institutions, Accountants and Creditors to identify solutions and set about a recovery process.

We will carry out an independent assessment of the business to determine the difficultiesfacing it. We can assess the company’s core viability and advise whether or not it is appropriate to continue trading, whilst explaining the reasoning behind the given advice. We can help identify all of the elements of the recovery strategy that will move the business forward by offering the following services:-

  • Carry out a full financial and legal assessment
  • Implement financial and legal planning
  • Ensure compliance with legal and regulatory frameworks
  • Identify and improve organisational efficiencies
  • Assimilate the required components of the recovery strategies
  • Implement marketing and promotional strategies