Quality Management Systems

Today there is an increasing expectation for companies to operate under an effective Quality Management System, which as well as being attractive to customers is more often becoming a requirement of the customer’s own operations. Such a system however, also brings a number of additional benefits to a company, including:-

  • A marketing advantage leading to increased business
  • A competitive edge over its competitors
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Improved efficiency and profitability
  • Improved utilisation of time and materials

Caroline ReidAn effective Quality Management System creates a solid foundation on which a company can be established. At Ardagh Consultants we can design and implement a quality system that is specific to your own company’s needs, whether it is aimed at achieving accreditation from a professional external organisation (e.g. GLP, GCP, GMP, ISO 17025, ISO 15189) or purely an internal system to improve the robustness and overall performance of your company. To implement a system would involve :-

  • Undertaking a system review
  • Design and help produce all required documentation
  • Implementation of the quality system
  • Implement the internal audit programme
  • Provide support and advice for 3rd party assessments

Ardagh Consultants are also available to support your Quality Management System after its successful implementation and registration, either through the provision of one-off audits or through the maintenance of the complete system. For companies that already have a quality system in place, Ardagh Consultants are happy to review it and advise on any improvements that could be made.